Groupama Arena

Groupama Arena

blogeditor 2017.08.02.

Whether for events in the field of sports, culture, and business events or for private gatherings, the Groupama Arena is definitely one of the most modern multifunctional facilities in Europe. The home of the Ferencvárosi Torna Club (FTC) football club, the arena provides a venue for national as well as international football matches and several tens of thousands of fans. In 2015, the Groupama Arena won first place in the Stadium Business Awards, leaving well-known stadiums behind like Levi's stadium in San Francisco, the Sports Hub in Singapore, the Otkrityije Arena in Moscow, the Alliance Parque in Sao Paulo and the San Mamé Stadium in Bilbao.


Groupama Arena’s success has not only been proven on international level: thanks to its versatility, it generates enough revenue to be financially self-sufficient. The Arena is officially operated by Lagardère Unlimited Solutions (LUSS) Ltd., which also serves as a marketing agency. PLANB has the honorable task of designing public affairs concepts and to take care of the sponsoring management for one of the most modern stadiums in the world.